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&nbsp;ITS SACRED ITS HOLY <br />
<div style="text-align: center;"><font size="4">10/3/05 Wim featuring Avera Vreeland </font><br />
<br />
<font size="4">The silkyness of hate </font><br />
<font size="4">has taken over </font><br />
<font size="4">the winds of change have come </font><br />
<font size="4">its time to seperate </font><br />
<font size="4">our souls are one <br />
now seperated </font><br />
<font size="4">an abandon newborn babe </font><br />
<font size="4">no mothers milk to drink </font><br />
<font size="4">theres nothing here </font><br />
<font size="4">just starved and naked </font><br />
<font size="4">&nbsp;Im left with memorys </font><br />
<font size="4">no skin to keep me warm </font><br />
<font size="4">Cold silence here <br />
and meditation </font><br />
<font size="4">no need for breathing </font><br />
<font size="4">the after shock of love. </font><br />
<br />
<font size="4">just one thing before you leave, <br />
before you strip the love you used to give to me </font><br />
<font size="4">can you say a prayer for me </font><br />
<br />
<font size="4">Its Sacred <br />
it's Holy<br />
the way you touch me </font><br />
<font size="4">the way you say my name </font><br />
<font size="4">Its Sacred Its Holy the way you love me </font><br />
<font size="4">The way you say my name </font><br />
<br />
<font size="4">&quot;Repeat&quot; </font><br />
<br />
<font size="4">Sacred Holy</font></div>