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Love Is Religion
is a movement created by DEITY.  After being separated from her family and society as a preteen DEITY spent those years in a cult based program that utilized behavior modification, bullying techniques and powerful shaming language designed to break the spirit of these young children. Her experience was traumatic. Her spirit was broken. Where other children took their own lives when all abruptly were released and although a young Deity wanting to do the same, she instead put hers in her own hands. With love in her heart, The love that she believed in, the Love that she knew existed in the world, music was her vehicle to own feelings in finding her voice. Her vocals became her expression and music was the vehicle of her foundation that gave her the writing ability to communicate all of the emotions that had suppressed her during childhood.
DEITY Love Is Religion (Aka) Avera  Vreeland is the official trademark & registered owner of 
Love Is Religion.

Love Is Religion is a movement that empowers.
You have a voice. 
You matter,
and only you have the power to Love.
Love is a practice.
& Love Is Religion
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DEITY Love Is Religion 
Top liner & singer-songwriter, classically trained mezzo-second soprano vocalist and Bharatanatyam South Indian temple dancer. 
Her haunting, heart catching, rich vocals and stunning dance moves instantly captures her audience all around the world. But where this yielding natural power in her stage persona came from will shock and surprise. Being born in Nuremberg, Germany, into an artistic, musical & religious family DEITY Love Is Religion was destined to have a career based off her talents alone.  Being raised in the United States in Los Angeles, California, feeling the helplessness of her parents differences on how to raise their ever growing family, propelled DEITY into a blind rebellion that caused an abandonment that was to structure her life & all future structures on how she is to exist in the world.  Her ability to feel every beat, melody, rhythm and translate all those emotions into a topline helped her survive her traumatic childhood experience. Without formal education, no sense of age or time, delayed speech & language skills, music gave her the unconditional safety ground to learn to communicate.  
Her humble beginnings as a professional singer started in 1996 when she auditioned her raw talent to perform in a successful Top-40 band in portland Oregon. During that experience she was vocally trained by Steve Goulet who took care in refining her live stage vocal performance. Teaching her in the style and technique training of  Thomas R. Blaylock, the founder of the North West institute of voice, 'who she also met with once or twice for vocal refining' gave her the tools that she needed to find her voice. Her place in this world.  Through this training DEITY Love Is Religion understands the anatomy inside her that projects her voice, learned vocal care and is classically trained in the art of Italian Opera, shaping her second mezzo soprano voice. Because of her powerful voice, it was opted to her to set a career in opera, but instead DEITY's heart was set in the path of creating songs and writing.
Along with her voice while in the same band DEITY Love Is Religion's producer asked her to take hip-hop lessons to strengthen her stage presence.  While looking for the Hip-hop class, she found a dance class that interested her.  "Classical South Indian temple dance of Bharatanatyam".  After her first lesson the instructor was surprised to see that DEITY's body, naturally flowed with the gestures and steps. This style of dancing is symbolic in nature and this attracted DEITY very much. "Another form of communication". Telling stories with the movements of your eyes, body and hands to the beat & rhythm of music. Bharatanatyam enables her to tell stories not only with her voice, but also with her soul.
DEITY Love Is Religion's first success in songwriting came from the first song she ever wrote called Angry. Lilith Fair voted her to be one of the top 20 female singer songwriters of Portland Oregon.

Be apart of the Love Is Religion movement! 
Deity is all about the power of owning your voice.

DEITY Love Is Religion is currently touring LIVE in Hollywood.
She has five albums available on different international platforms and is currently Toplining  her third album with Norway composer producer Ketil Lien.
In Wim Castle
In the Spectral Light
DEITY's etheric vocals are featured on two albums and an EP with Alien Skin. Synth player from 80's Australian Band Real Life, "Send Me an Angel".
A Blue Sky at the Edge of the World, Alien Skin with Deity
 Alien Skin with Deity, Winter on Mars
A Spoonful of Voices, Alien Skin with guest Deity

SLEEPING BAG STUDIOS “The Wishing Well” is S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G people. George has selected well when it came to this collaboration with Deity – she’s an absolutely incredible singer…when she heads into the chorus of “The Wishing Well” I just about died and went to wherever it is we go next…it’s just mind-blowingly incredible."
ALIEN SKIN WITH DEITY 'single' You Pilot me Away

Recorded earlier in 2018, together with Deity who worked on a number of albums with me, this song is one I began in 1981, yes 1981 and finally remembered to complete it. I didn't want it lost so here it is, unlost... as I work towards the new Alien Skin album scheduled for later this year. 'You Pilot Me Away' clears the deck for this genre of Alien Skin song as what's coming up next is, well.........released July 14, 2018

1980 REDUX by Alien Skin
(Deity is featured on the last song of this Album dedicated to the late David Bowie, DARK STAR)


Toured with Slave. Recorded at Paramount Studios with Bobby Wilkerson on The B Project.  Performed with, wrote, rehearsed,  or in the studio with other musicians from Motown, The Commodores, The Temptations, The O'jays, Rose Royce, Evelyn "Champagne" King, Klymaxx
Great friend and mentor Cornelius Grant helped her understand music performance and not internalize to much the world around her. 
DEITY Love Is Religion was asked to sing on the late film score composer Philip Lambro's written piece Candles in the Wind.  She has opened for The Tubes, Flock of Seagulls, American rock guitarist Greg Douglass from accociated acts Steve Miller Band, Eddie Money, Tom Fogerty, & Van Morrison. No matter the genre music has always given DEITY a home.

Currently she is seeking to finish her production training with Cre8 Music Academy at  Westlake Studios to unlock her full musical potentials. Be welcome to click here: contribute to her continued learning in production through this school.
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