Baltic Sea - This song is so beautiful and here is one of my favorite video's of Alien Skin and myself. No, we have never met in person before yet here we are performing to one of his most beautiful and unforgettable songs Baltic Sea from his album, A Blue Sky at the Edge of the World, about the powerful secrets it keeps behind. Although I am a great swimmer and can save lives with my skill, I am very intimidated by the power of the sea, it has it's own energy, like this song. That energy I know I brought forth into my performance of this song. This video just reflects what was in my mind while I was singing with Alien Skin. When I am recording, I am within the world of Alien Skin and do not leave that spectrum til his song gives me permission too. I watch a lot of documentaries on television and know what kinds of damage the sea can do, especially the Baltic. When Alien Skin gave me this song to sing with, the power of it humbled me.  Like myself, His lyrics are very real. One thing that I've noticed is that reviews that I have read of his work have not yet acknowledged the great empathy that seeps through into every song he writes which makes it very easy for me to sing too. It is as almost as if he is writing for all of us. That is the reason why when he says he needs my vocals present on a piece of his work I already know what to do. His music should be listened to not lost in our world of irrelevancy. Every word, every piece, is a human relation. Alien Skin is one of those artists that feel everything. He is the musical definition of every human emotion. Every experience. Every wonder. That is why when Alien Skin brings me a song to sing, I naturally know what to do.