Deity Love Is Religion live August 30th 2018 The Federal Bar


Topliner DEITY,  is a haunting, heart catching, rich mezzo-soprano voice and stunning exotic dance moves instantly capture audiences around the world. Born on Christmas day in Nuremberg, Germany, DEITY has gravitated toward music all her life - feeling every beat, melody and rhythm - yielding a natural and powerful stage presence.
DEITY's humble beginnings as a professional singer started in 1996 when she auditioned her raw talent to perform in a successful cover band. During that experience she improved her stage and live vocal performance technique. Since then DEITY has also become a classically trained vocalist in the art of Italian Opera. Because of her powerful voice, her teacher offered to set her up with a career in opera, but DEITY's soul was set on the path of synth pop.
In the late 1990's DEITY was told by her producer (at the time) to take hip-hop dance lessons to strengthen her stage persona. Instead she trained in the classical South Indian temple dance of Bharatanatyam. This style of dancing attracted DEITY because of it's symbolic nature. Bharatanatyam enabled her to tell stories not only with her voice, but also with her hands, body, eyes and hypnotic soul.
DEITY's writing ability comes from her heart, and she has been pursuing it professionally since 1998. Her ability to hear and feel words in melodies allows her to make music with a range of composers and producers from around the world. In addition to working with electronic instrumentals, she also writes her own music on the piano, allowing emotions and music to flow from the heart.
DEITY is known for her powerful and commanding stage presence. Audiences everywhere embrace her unique stage abilities and majestic voice. She has pleased audiences up and down the pacific coast, and plans to tour across the USA and worldwide soon at the persistent requests of her passionate fans.